Morgan Excalibur Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Excalibur Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

These are among the best Jazz Saxophone Mouthpieces ever made.   Designed by Ralph Morgan, these are completely handcrafted pure hard rubber saxophone mouthpieces.   The Excalibur Model is unique in that it has a streamline body. It will feel a bit smaller in the mouth, so if you are used to playing on a metal mouthpiece, your embouchure will not have to change much. Also, the thinner walls and beak gives this mouthpiece more edge, brilliance and quicker response.

The Morgan Excalibur Mouthpieces are handcrafted the “old fashioned” way. Made with the Morgan Mouthpiece Company’s 100% pure rubber formula and proprietary blanks, which is the same as was used by manufacturers in the 1920s-1950s. The facing curve, interior chamber and baffle are all shaped by hand. This is a true handcrafted pure hard rubber  Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece.

These are available in four chambers: Medium(M), Medium-Large2 (MLL), Medium-Large1(ML), and Large(L) chamber sizes.  The Large Chamber produces a warmer, deeper and rich tone.   The Medium-Large 2 and Medium-Large1 chambers produce a darker core tone with some edge much like the true Vintage Otto Link pieces of the late 1950's/60s. The Medium Chamber produces a bright, brilliant and centered tone.

Tip Openings: 5 (.085), 6 (.090), 7 (.095), 8 (.100), 8* (.105), 9 (.110), 9* (.115), 10 (.120), 10* (.125)

Ligature and cap are NOW included. 

Hand made in the USA since 1984.

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