"You Either Have a Morgan or You Need One!" - Ralph Morgan

Looking for an exceptional saxophone or clarinet mouthpiece that offers big sound, is free blowing, has great intonation and offers little resistance and works well with all instruments, even vintage?  Then look no further!  Our mouthpieces have been hand-crafted since the early 1980's and have been sold Worldwide to both student and professional players alike. We use the purest hard rubber formula and blanks that are exclusive only to the Morgan Company. We have been making mouthpieces, by hand, in our same location in Springfield, Ohio since 1984!  

We offer FREE shipping on all orders inside of the United States.  Shipping is Free on International orders over $150.00.  Our 10 day trial policy allows you to purchase and try several sizes and facings so that you can find that perfect fit for you. The trial begins when the mouthpiece(s) is/are received.  The $10 per piece restock fee is waived if you purchase several and keep just one.  

What are you waiting for?  Stop forcing that old mouthpiece that came with the horn to work for you.  Find the perfect mouthpiece that works for you, not against you.