Our Mission

 At Morgan Mouthpiece Company, we believe in quality products, fair prices and most importantly, great customer service.  With so many saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece  choices available to woodwind players today, the market is very competitive.   You have to stand out.  However, one thing is lacking in this competitive market:  customer service.  We live in a world of ‘order taker’s who have no knowledge of what they are selling and simply want to make a sale for their boss’s bottom line.  Service during the sale is poor at best but service after the sale is non-existent. 

Our mission and promise to you is this:   That Morgan Mouthpiece Company will work directly with you, as long as it takes doing whatever it takes to find the perfect saxophone or clarinet mouthpiece that works best for you.   That we will carry on the Morgan Mouthpiece legacy of producing the finest hand crafted mouthpieces that we possibly can at fair market prices, using the exact same crafting techniques that launched this product over 35 years ago.  Here at Morgan, we don’t want to sell you any mouthpiece just to make a sale.  We want to sell you your  ‘Perfect’ mouthpiece that will last a lifetime.