Trial Policy

Try A Hand Made Morgan Mouthpiece!

With very few exceptions, Morgan Mouthpiece Company products are not available in retail stores.  The good news is that selling direct to you means that we can keep our prices lower without having to pay a middleman. The bad news is that you cannot go to a local music store and try them.  Even if you could, most retail store selections today are slim, at best.  We do attend various conferences and saxophone symposiums throughout the year whereas you can attend and try most of our models/sizes. We publicize those dates and times on social media so that players have an opportunity to plan to attend.

We want you to be able to try our saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces when it is convenient for you.  We offer a 10 day trial period that begins not when  you make your purchase, but the day you actually receive your order.  This allows you to try the mouthpieces in the privacy of your own home, without distractions, in an environment that you create.  You may purchase several models/sizes for side by side trials.  We ask that you kindly limit your order to 4 mouthpieces or less.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the mouthpiece(s) (original packaging), in new/clean, unmarked condition, for a refund. Use a delivery service of your choice such as US Postal Service or UPS.

  • Please use a tooth patch to prevent toothmarks/scratches.

  • If you purchase multiple mouthpieces and keep at least 1 of them, there is a flat $20 restock fee for the remaining unwanted items. We ship free in the USA on orders over $199!  International orders ship Fedex for $40.

  • If you purchase just 1 mouthpiece (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, clarinet, etc) and return it for refund, there is a $20 restock fee for USA and $25 for International customers. 

  • If you purchase 1 mouthpiece and wish to exchange to a smaller/larger size or different model, please contact us first by email ( to discuss exchange options. There is a $7.00 charge to cover the return shipping cost on exchanges.

  • If you purchase multiple mouthpieces and return all of them for refund, a restock fee of $20 may apply to each mouthpiece, depending on condition on arrival. This applies to both USA and International orders. Kindly remove tooth patches prior to returning them.

Our return address:   

Morgan Mouthpiece Company

8511 B Refugee Rd.

Pickerington, OH 43147