Morgan C Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece - Custom Order

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 Morgan C Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

After more than a decade of not having these available, The Morgan Mouthpiece Company is once again offering a C-Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece for those old Soprano saxophones pitched in 'C'. 

Mouthpiece Features

  • Pure Hard Rubber

  • Large Chamber

  • Free blowing

  • Works well on vintage C Soprano saxophones

  • Slightly baffled

  • Corrects intonation issues on vintage C soprano saxophones

  • Uses Bb Soprano Reeds

  • Uses Standard Bb Soprano ligature (Rovner Light ligature and cap included)

    We will offer this model as a special order item which can be ordered with desired tip opening.  Plan on 2-3 weeks for delivery. Because this is a special order item, all sales are final, with the exception of company error.

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