Partner Product: Marc Jean Gen I Saxophone Ligature (Brass)

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Marc Jean Generation I Brass Saxophone Ligature

The Morgan Mouthpiece Company has partnered with Marc Jean to develop a line of ligatures specifically designed for Morgan Mouthpieces.  The Marc Jean Generation I Ligature features two wood rails as the reed plate which provides a warm tone and easy low notes.  This model has a two-screw system to allow the player more reed pressure point options.  Brushed brass finish with Morgan name or logo.  Includes cap. (only soprano model is 1-screw)

While these were designed and made specifically for Morgan Mouthpieces, they will fit many other standard-size hard rubber mouthpieces as well.  These will fit all Morgan Sopranos, Morgan Classical and Jazz Altos, Morgan Classical and Jazz Tenors, and all Morgan Baritone Models.

Shipping is free in the United States if purchased with a mouthpiece.  Sold separately, shipping is $6.50.  For international orders, if purchased with a mouthpiece, ligature is included with the mouthpiece shipping charge of $40.  Sold separately, shipping is $30.

 Note:  Ligatures & caps sold separately do not come with standard Marc Jean packaging since they were purchased in bulk.


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