Partner Product: Marc Jean Gen I Saxophone Ligature (Silver)

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Marc Jean Generation I Silver Saxophone Ligature

The Morgan Mouthpiece Company has partnered with Marc Jean to develop a line of ligatures specifically designed for Morgan Mouthpieces.  The Marc Jean Generation I Ligature features two wood rails as the reed plate which provides a warm tone and easy low notes.  This model has a two-screw system to allow the player more reed pressure point options.  Silver finish with Morgan name or logo.  Includes cap. 

These were designed specifically for the streamline-body Morgan Models: Excalibur Alto, Excalibur Tenor and Avant-Garde Tenor Models.

Shipping is free in the United States if purchased with a mouthpiece.  Sold separately, shipping is $6.50.  For international orders, if purchased with a mouthpiece, ligature is included with the mouthpiece shipping charge of $40.  Sold separately, shipping is $30.

 Note:  Ligatures & caps sold separately  do not come with standard Marc Jean packaging since they were purchased in bulk.

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