Meet Your Maker!  Mouthpiece Maker, That Is!

Meet Your Maker! Mouthpiece Maker, That Is!

Author: David Hoskins

Erik Greiffenhagen (easy for us to say since we have been saying it for so many years!) was born in 1958 in Hamburg, Germany but then moved to the United States with his family in 1960.  Most of his childhood years were spent in the Northern part of Ohio and in 1994 he moved to Springfield, Ohio, which is currently where he calls home.  He began playing saxophone and clarinet professionally in 1980 and  completed his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz studies in 2000.  He has played locally and nationally with a variety of Dixieland Jazz bands and is still presently a member of a local Dayton, Ohio band favorite The Classic Jazz Stompers (    He doubles in Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone as well as Bb Clarinet. 

In 1983, Erik was hired by Ralph Morgan as the first apprentice ever to The Morgan Mouthpiece Company.  He worked side by side with Ralph learning the artistry and crafting techniques that have made The Morgan Mouthpieces what they are today.    He continues to be the primary Master Crafter for our mouthpieces in addition to some personal mouthpiece refacing work of his own.    He is excellent at his craft, both in playing music and making mouthpieces.  We are blessed to have him on our staff and truly appreciate his lifelong commitment and the many contributions he has made to our company since 1983. 

When he isn’t playing music or making mouthpieces, you can find Erik kayaking on a lake, sailing, cycling or skiing a slope.  Check out a video of him here.

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