Get Back to Basics

Author: Teresa Hoskins

Are you tired of chasing fads for a good mouthpiece?  It seems that every month there is another new mouthpiece on the market and the choices are just far too many.  How do you know what's good?  What's bad?  How will it sound with my horn?  Is it going to over project or not be loud enough?  You could spend tireless hours going through the scenerios but it all boils down to one thing:  Timelessness.  

The Morgan Company has been making mouthpieces, by hand, in the same place, using the same process for over 30 years.  We never have and never will outsource to other countries.  We do everything ourselves.  We made the molds for the casting ourselves.  We bake the castings ourselves.  We hand craft each one to detailed specifications, all. by. ourselves.  

All we know is mouthpieces.  That's all we have ever done...... and all we will ever do.  We're good at it.


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