Partner Product: BG Duo Clarinet / Alto Saxophone Ligature

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BG Duo Ligature, available in Gold Lacquer (colorful tone) or Silver Plate (bright tone). One of a kind, this ligature fits both clarinet and saxophone mouthpiece.   Pairs well with the following Morgan Model Mouthpieces:

  • Morgan Bb or Jazz Clarinet

  • Morgan Excalibur Alto (M, NY, L, MAX)

  • Morgan Jazz Alto (M, NY, L)

  • Morgan Excalibur Tenor (M, NY, FL, IN, L, MAX)

  • Morgan Avant-Garde (All)

BG Mouthpiece Cap is also included.  

Free shipping inside the United States if purchased with a mouthpiece.  For ligature only, shipping in the USA is $6.50.   International shipping if purchased with mouthpiece is $40.00.  International shipping for ligature only is $30.00.



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