Morgan Classical Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Morgan Classical Clarinet Mouthpiece

The material is the Morgan Mouthpiece Company’s 100% organic hard  rubber formula, which is the same as was used by manufacturers in the 1920s-1950s.

Mouthpiece Features

  • Facing curve, table and interior all shaped and crafted by hand

  • Unique scoop style beak for comfort and improved acoustic response

  • Beautiful symphonic tones

  • Free blowing throughout the instrument

  • Includes Rovner Light ligature and cap

Check out The Morgan Mouthpiece blog article on the shape of the beak:

Alternately, check out a sample video for our classical clarinet model produced by our friend Daniel Bennett:

Mouthpiece Tip Openings: RM-06 (1.06mm), RM-10 (1.10mm), RM-15 (1.15mm), RM-20 (1.20mm), RM-28 (1.28mm). 

Free USA shipping! Ten day trial period…shipping time is not counted in the trial period. If you don’t like for any reason, return for a refund minus restocking fee of $20 for US and $25 for overseas customers.



 Note:  B-Stock mouthpieces have small, exterior cosmetic imperfections/blemishes that will not affect performance.  


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