Morgan Florida Model Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

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     The Morgan Florida Model Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece is inspired by the vintage Slant Signature Otto Link mouthpieces of the 1960s.  It has a nice, large round chamber with low rollover baffle for a rich, warm and big tone.  A great mouthpiece for older vintage model baritones as well as newer, modern horns.

     This mouthpiece was designed by  expert craftsman Erik Greiffenhagen of the Morgan Mouthpiece Company.  It is made of the finest grade hard rubber.  It is completely handcrafted on the interior and hand faced by one of the most experienced mouthpiece craftsmen on the planet. Available as standard in the following facings: 5FL (.085), 6FL (.090), 7FL (.095), 8FL (.100), 8*FL (.105), 9FL (.110), 9*(.115). 

Also available in XL length, which is 1/2 inch additional shank for those finicky old Vintage baritone saxes with known intonation issues. 

Other tip openings available by special order so contact us if you need a size not offered.

Rovner Light Ligature and cap included.  Proudly made in the USA.



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